You need a registered company with tax number and local phone number at reliable and prestigious business address in Croatia? We offer all of these complemented with mail forwarding and phone answering service. Virtual Office members can choose from additional services including telephone answering in your company name, mail storage / forwarding and access to professional administrative, accounting and tax support.      


In the last 20 years, we have gained a lot of experience in Croatian real-estate legislation. Battling Croatian administration might be hard for you, but for us it is a piece of cake. Our experience with legislation, combined with our business insight, will make your Croatian investment worry-free. We recognize legal and administration barriers as one of the biggest obstacles in real estate development in Croatia. For that reason, we handle legal and administrative issues with strong attention to detail and vast experience.


Based on a tailor-made approach, we take every client individually in order to fully understand client requirements, desires and property goals. Based on these criteria, we try to find a property which matches all the requirements. With comprehensive experience, we take into account the legal and administrative situation of every property. We specialize in lot findings for clients that search for lucrative investment or land for their business.


The Croatian tax system is very much compatible with that of other EU member countries, and is based around a set of direct and indirect taxes. Croatia has a high tax regime, but this shouldn’t affect you unless a lot of your income derives from sources within the country–or you become a tax resident. Croatia has no wealth or property tax and some significant tax exemptions for foreign investments; therefore with the right setup, the effective tax rate can be low.


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More and more people are seeking vacations that involve more than simply laying on a beach. Croatia is perfect for nautical tourism, dive tourism, sport tourism (cycling, rafting and windsurfing), gastro tourism, and fishing tourism. Inland, you can find equestrian tourism, biking tourism, adventure tourism, ecotourism, or hunting tourism. Croatia still hasn’t unfolded its full tourist potential; with ongoing market liberalizations and privatizations, it is expected that by 2020, there will be more than seven billion Euros invested in Croatian tourism.

Croatia has a favourable location, on the crossroads of major pan-European corridors. Corridor Ten from Western Europe to South-eastern Europe and furthermore, Turkey and corridor Five connecting central Europe to its nearest warm sea and port (Rijeka). International Monetary Fund data shows that Croatia’s nominal GDP stood at $63.842 billion or $14,457 per capita in 2011, while purchasing power parity GDP was $80.334 billion or $18,191 per capita. With this in mind, there is an upside to Croatian development and in the future, a mid-long run is looking bright.

Croatian wind and solar energy potential enhanced by government subsidies and favourable legislation make investing in renewable energy in Croatia highly profitable. With incoming switching to premium and GO based scheme, it is expected that investing in Croatian Renewable Energy plant will significantly increase.


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SNN d.o.o.

SNN Consulting is a Croatian company specialized in property consulting and project management. Since 1992, our company has successfully finished multiple projects for foreign investors in the Croatian real estate market.

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  • Since 1992
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We treat every customer individually

We provide a tailor made approach to every costumer and project. We are focused on longer-term relationship with our customers, rather than short-term measures. This creates a win-win situation and creates new opportunities.


We share our knowledge with you

We share knowledge and information with each other. We believe that being open and direct creates value. We do not hide information from our customers; we share information and use it as a tool to create value.


We are bound by our moral and ethical standards

We all have a common stake in our business, our life and our society. Our actions do matter. It is essential that we act with integrity in order to build the kind of environment in which we want to live and work.


We strive for excellence in every project we undertake

At our core, we believe in the importance of delivering service excellence in every project.


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Croatia Entering this Tourist Season with 40 New Hotels
14 June, 2016

Croatia is experiencing an investment boom in tourism despite the less than optimistic political situation. According to the press release sent by the Ministry of tourism on June 10, 2016, Croatia is in the middle of a serious tourism investment boom. By the beginning of peak season, Croatian tourist offer will include 40 new and fully refurbished hotels, as well as several new apartment villages and campsites. This is great news since a great tourist season is the only thing that can keep our head above water considering the current political situation and the fact that we cannot expect any work to be done by the government, be it this one, or the next, before autumn. „This investment boom on...

The Tourism View from Norway: A Golden Opportunity for Croatia?
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An infographic published in leading Norwegian daily Afterposten on June 13, 2016 shows how Croatia is benefitting from global events. Is it something Croatia can build on for the long term? Tourism trends are constantly changing, as new trendy destinations emerge, and more established ones lose their appeal. An increasingly important factor in the decision of holiday destination in the modern age is sadly linked to the terrorist threat, and recent events in Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt to name but three, have seen their tourism industries decimated by recent attacks. Some 5.9 million Russians holidayed in Egypt and Turkey last year, a massive number of tourists who are now looking for somewhere else. So too with Norwegians, one of the...

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“But haven’t we done this already? Haven’t we already bought an old stone house surrounded by mud? Isn’t that what we did in Ireland? Why do you guys want to do this again?” In 2004, my husband Lief, our two children, and I spent a week touring around Istria, Croatia, with a focused agenda. We were in the market for one of the old white stone houses you find across this peninsula. To that end, Kaitlin, 15, Jackson, 5, Lief, and I, in one car, followed our property agent, in her own car, from one stone farmhouse to another, up and down the narrow winding roads of these mountainsides, through the medieval villages, and past the ever-present fields of olive...

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You’ll need more than one trip to discover the 101 delights of Dalmatia – the rugged central coastline of Croatia, protected by a gorgeous Adriatic archipelago and backed by the dramatic Velebit mountain range. Head out from the beautiful and vibrant 3,000-year-old town of Zadar and you’ll find a destination that has plenty to Cro about. Relatively undiscovered by Brits, expect spectacular scenery, a fascinating heritage and an unrivalled array of ­activities that will suit both the sporty and the sedate. We stayed at the lovely four-star boutique Hotel Bastion at the head of the small peninsula on which the old walled town stands. GettyMystery hut for competitionIdyllic: Sunset in Zadar It’s ideally placed overlooking the busy harbour and, behind...